Dear Gym Bag;

Hi, I know you probably don’t remember me, but I bought you last year around this time, and paid for the new gym shoes that have sat in there for the same amount of time. I am writing to let you know that you should get prepared for some travel in the near future. I am sorry it has been so long since I picked you up last, but that is all about to change. So, take care of any unfinished business you may have, because when I return from my cruise, you have a job to do!

All the best;

Your unfit owner


My ADD Strikes Already!

Yup, it has happened. I am so totally ADD, forgot to let you in on what it is I am going to accomplish this year! There is so much, but in reality it is one thing… To step out without hesitation into my calling. Not sure exactly what that is, but I will figure it out as I go along. Anyways, I will attempt to accomplish what most women want… a clean house (when I figure out how to do it, I will post some “before” pictures, believe me when I tell you that your house will seem perfect after that!), a better relationship with my kitchen (I love to cook, but my children have been brought up on 70% McDonalds, 10% Dunkins and a touch of my cooking), a better relationship with my shape (I vow to use my Planet fitness membership for something more than just discount tanning… but, really?, I LOVE tanning, and it is SOOOO worth it!), a better relationship with God (that Chronological Bible? I am starting it tonight!), a better relationship with myself (to truly unpack all of those “memory boxes” I have stuffed deep inside and use all that damage and silliness to make people laugh and possibly write a book). I know there is more in there, just can’t remember at this point.

HERE WE GO! 2010 is gonna ROCK!

Hello world!

Well, it is January 1… Do you know how your Resolution is doing? I am not one for making them, myself. OK, maybe I am… I am just not one for keeping them.  This year is different. Have you ever been walking along in your life knowing something BIG was coming, not sure when, just that it is looming out there. That’s where I have been for a couple months now. My problem isn’t the getting there, it is the fear of getting there. I am a fabulous backer-outer, possibly even a professional at this point. I have come so close and quit more times than I can count. Enter “The Blog”… Here I am – putting it all out there for a million gazillion people to see (yes, that is a real number!). Succeed or fail, at least I can’t quit.  Know this, in the perfectly stated words of Chelsea Handler, I am a “hot mess”! I won’t go into detail here and now. I don’t have to. It will become quite apparent as days and weeks go by.

What is also apparent is that I love my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I have 2 children from a former marriage, a new husband, a step-daughter, a cat, a gecko, an x-husband, and my husband’s x-wife and her husband. I drop children at 3 schools in 2 towns, we have 9 dance lessons, 4 basketball practices and multiple Dr’s and other appointments a week. More than this, however, we have an incredible relationship with God, and with each other. Which is what makes all of this work. Alright, maybe it doesn’t work perfectly, but we get through it all, generally laughing at ourselves the entire way because, really?, if I didn’t laugh I would cry. And laughing creates far fewer wrinkles…

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