I Love Get Fit NH Bootcamp!

From the bottom of my underwire to the top of my underwear I am in pain! Dean has done me in. He is an evil man, with his evil boot camp ways… “Let’s do Fun Friday tomorrow”… Stupid me “Cool”… ya, Fun Friday is a new and twisted form of torture involving cards and midevil exercises. Squat thrusts, Dynamic Planks, 50 jumping jacks, Crossover planks, 100 high knees, band chest presses… you get the picture! The worst part? My mother, who I talked into trying this out with me, kept putting back the high cards! So, today I wake up, and EVERYTHING hurts. The toilet seat is my enemy! It’s like doing those squats all over again…

Seriously, though, I am in love with my new-found excercise program. I decided to attempt Get Fit NH Bootcamp, with their free 2 week trial. I figured if it was too hard I could just quit and blame it on the end of the trial. Well, I am just finished the 2 weeks, and it is WAY too hard, but I am doing it! And I don’t think I have felt so good about accomplishing anything in a long time. I have joined the gym so many times, but after 2 reps of anything I would get tired or it would get hard, and I would quit.

I lied a minute ago… when I said Dean was an Evil man… HE is actually very tricky, crafty, sneaky… My first day I had so much fun, but about 3 hours later all of my abs hurt! My back was sore… I couldn’t figure it out, we hadn’t done a single crunch. Tricky, tricky Dean! He faked me out! I was having so much fun (I know, fun-excercise…should never be in the same sentence) with the 10 other women in class, I didn’t realize what I had been doing. There is something about pushing through and working out with a small group of women. We chat, we work hard, we complain, we encourage, all the while, we sweat. We work our bodies like nobody’s business.  I have learned something in the last couple weeks – I can do anything in 40 second intervals! I want to be the Pied Piper – come along with me! finishing even one class is such a boost to your self-esteem. I feel stronger, motivated to firm up my (almost) 40-year-old body, and loving the soreness that comes with it! When I weighed in before my first class I weighed 174 pounds (OK, now I am totally outed… that 160 I tell everyone is a total lie). This morning on my scale I weighed 170.5 in my underwire and undies… I have changed very little with my diet, except now I will have to stop eating McDonald’s so I can afford the membership, I have just started moving more…

…Stay tuned to see if I can get to my goal of 155 by July 1!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dean
    Apr 11, 2010 @ 16:57:53

    Evil, sneaky, tricky…that about sums it up. according to a LOT of people I know. 🙂


  2. marcaritaville
    Apr 11, 2010 @ 17:00:38

    All of those things, and MORE! Thank you for kicking my butt, and meeping me motivated to succeed. You are the first person (and I have tried MANY programs) that I have stuck with this long….


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