One True God

In the van on my way home from Bootcamp and church today, a song came on… I love this song… when I hear it, I am always extremely joyous and sing it loudly, arms outstretched, soaking in the lyrics. The song is “One True God” by Mark Harris. Today, however, the lyrics caused me to pause. “I don’t have a God I can put on a stand, or a God I Can hold in the palm of my hand, I have a God that’s holding me. I don’t have a God that I can create, In the place I live with the money I make. I have a God; He made everything”…

Everytime I hear this song I think to myself just how grateful I am that I worship and love the one true God, that (as it says in the song) “He alone is the one true God”.  So I am driving along, song cranked up, and it hits me that I DON’T worship Him alone! I have many gods. MANY things that take my eyes from Him, take my time from Him, take my joy from Him, my life from Him.

I mulled that around for a bit, all this time I have been so thankful to have one God, but really, when I am sitting being honest, I give Him so little time. My mind and time is stolen by my other gods. The largest thing in my home is my TV – it sits center stage over the fireplace. My DVR is set to record at least 3 shows a night. Clothes – my kids have soooo many clothes, I have so many clothes, My husband has more clothes than all of us put together… but we look good… stuff, jewelry, my van (oh, how I love my van!), my garden (or lack there of at the moment)… FOOD!!!!!! I love me the food! My recliner… Facebook, email, cell phone, solitaire, kids, dance, baseball, competitions… DIET COKE!!!!!

I am driving home thinking I need to go home, sit right down and journal this, get to the heart of what it is God is stirring in me, and then guilt comes in… I have to do laundry, get dinner planned, clean up the maple syrup my daughter has spilled, get ready to pick the kids up, watch the news… everything that I have on my “to-do list” presses in on me and for a moment I say to myself “Marcy, you have to wait until later to write this down, maybe get up early tomorrow and journal it.” But wait… I can’t because tonight I have to watch Biggest Loser and American Idol, so I will be too tired. WOW!!!! No time for God to speak to me.

And then it hits me… I am a SLAVE to all of these gods. All of these things I think I get joy from, they are weighing me down like the millstone around my neck. No time for GOD! When did that happen? HOW does that happen? I LOVE GOD! When I think of Him and what is possible with Him, I get giddy, like a new-found love kinda giddy. I wonder how many times God has been screaming to get my attention but I am too busy chasing my gods around in circles to accept the gifts He has for me? How many missed opportunities for joy? to help others? HOW MANY?

Thou shalt have NO OTHER GODS before ME! What if you don’t realize it? I certainly didn’t. All of these things I have given priority to… just stealing my time, stealing God’s time. These things I “love”… they are thieves, they are not from God, but taking away from His kingdom.

This Sunday someone read from their journal, asking God to “Invade ME”! I think invasion is the right word. Invade me. because while I have been lulled into a passiveness, the enemy has fooled me into giving away all of my time. God’s time has been stolen right out from under me. So, God, I pray, INVADE ME! Our Pastor wrote on Facebook yesterday “God arranges the exact times and places for people to be alive. (From Acts 17)”… This is a time for strong, willing Christians. There is a battle going on and I have been caught unaware. Invade me, God, help me fight back the strongholds that I have become a servant to, so that I can serve You. Help me claim control over the things that are stealing Your time and my joy. Help me put You first in all things and in front of all things.


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