We are packed, in Fla and ready to Cruise… (and knit)

So, after what seemed like a week packing (which really only took a couple of hours) we ended up with this…

We left yesterday (Saturday)morning, at 6:00 am… I didn’t even really know that was an actual time on a weekend! We had to head to Kevin’s Barber, Lucky’s, so he can get his hair done for the cruise. While he is in doing that, I sat in the car doing this…

Yup, 6:30 am on our first morning of vacation, and I am knitting the first cowel. It’s beautiful purple chenille. We picked up our friend, Matt, who drove down with us and dropped us off at almost 9am. We love Matt! Once down at the terminal, we had coffee and sat patiently and happily for our flight to Florida – Kev read while I…

did what I do… knit and chatted with anyone around me I could.  By the time we had wheels up I had finished the first cowel, and cast on another in a gorgeous deep, rich, forest green. Leave a comment on any f my blog posts, and mention the cowel, and you will be entered to win one when I return!

When we got to Florida, it was sooooooo nice and warm. Just about 65, but overcast and a bit windy. I think we brought WAY too much!

But, really? What’s a girl to do? Two weeks on a cruise ship… I couldn’t choose… and a girl’s gotta have her shoes, dresses, and yarn! Lots, and lots of yarn!

***We will be sailing for 2 weeks. I am not sure if I will be able to post while at sea (depends on the internet package I can talk the Hubster into getting). So, if nothing else, I will blog y’all in 2 weeks! STAY WARM!


2 more days!

Well, unless you’ve been completely ignoring me, by now you know I am leaving the frozen tundra we call home in NH for the Southern region! We leave for Boston first thing Saturday morning, then fly to Ft Lauderdale. We’ll be in Florida for 2 days, then on Monday we board The Jewel of the Seas for a 2 week cruise to Panama Canal, Aruba, Columbia, Costa Rica, and I think somewhere else, but I am not certain at this point. So Kevin and I have been trying to get everything together to pack for over a week. Sadly, I am really not good at this, and I generally panic about my clothes. Because of my Crohn’s disease I have a really hard time being one size for more than a day or 2. AND, do you have ANY idea of what 14 days worth of clothes look like? When I get it all laid out tonight, I will take a picture, so you will know, but just for a for instance, take a look at what 1 week looks like for luggage for 4 people – should be about the same…

So, as you can see, I have my work cut out for me… I have to lay out all my outfits, pick out shoes, get that all packed, and then pick out my projects to work on. I am thinking I will knit a few cowels – like a scarf, only FAR more stylish and pretty! I will be selling them when I get home, but in the meantime, if you respond to my posts here between now and when I return, I will pick a winner to have one for FREE, and they will get first pick.

PLUS… tomorrow I go for my pre-cruise pedicure…

Tonight is Maddy’s FIRST concert EVER! She is singing in the chorus. Fun night – I hope to get my husband’s watch cap to match his scarf done before we leave…

It’s Done, It’s DoNE! THE BIG BAG IS DONE!

Well, after a week of work, and confusing directions…. The Amy Butler Field Bag is DONE! Thank goodness!

There were a few moments of confusion towards the end, but the machine and my new perm held in there…

In the end, my mom did the last few tricky widgets, but then let me come in and do all the top stitching…

So, after a week of build-up…..

YAY!  NOW, I AM READY FOR MY CRUISE!  (Have I mentioned my cruise? 2 weeks at sea? Yes? Hmmmm…)

So, now that my sewing projects are done, I Can get back to my New Years Goal of finishing my knitting work-in-progresses…

Eric’s Scarf is DONE!

Well, it may not have been on my list of unfinished projects, but it’s still finished.

Tht little ball is all that’s left!

Now Kevin can bring it to him at work tomorrow. I hope he likes it!

Seriously, though, now it’s time to PACK!

(Did I mention we’re heading for a cruise this weekend? Yes? well…)

Snow Day … Take 2…

Well, the kids were home again today – 6″ of snow, maybe more, followed by sleet and freezing rain. But I couldn’t let that stop me. I had many important things to accomplish today… A facial at www.SerendipityDaySpa.com and then off to The Beauty Lounge for a perm…

I love Carole at The Beauty Lounge…

I love her Salon!

Now to finish knitting the scarf for Eric.  I wonder if I can get it done for Kev to bring to work tomorrow…

Big Bags…

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but ONLY 4 DAYS UNTIL MY CRUISE! And, to that end, I am making the most incredible Amy Butler Field Bag EVER! I wanted to post some pictures yesterday, but when I went to use my camera, I realized I left the memory card in my computer (It sucks to get old!)… ANYWAYS… Here is my weekend in pictures…

First, we had all the kids here at the same time for the first time in 2 weeks…

Then I spent most of the weekend working on this fabu bag with my mom! We laid out the fabric, and cut…

Lucy did NOT want us to take the interfacing…

With all of the interfacing, the ElnaPress saved my life!

If you don’t have one, RUN, don’t walk, and get one!

I got only momentarily side-tracked by the paperwhites…

My mom helped so much!

Dad read his paper…

And everything got cut, interfaced, pressed, pinned and ready to go!

Here’s hoping it is done for the trip!

Basketball, Steak and Fabric

Saturday has been really awesome. I got to watch my lovely daughter Madison sink her free throw with perfect form.

Then we all went to Aidan’s basketball game, and I was able to see his team win a great game.

After the game, we all went to my new favorite fabric store www.peggyannes.com and bought the most insane fabric to make the brand new Amy Butler Field Bag for our cruise. If I am actually able to finish this before we go I will show you all the finished product.

From there we went to Longhorn and got fabulous steak dinners. YUM!

So really that was my perfect Saturday. Not a lot of anything, but a TON of great family time. The best part of the day was having my 10 year old, Maddy, help me coordinate my fabrics for my bag. I love that she loves to knit and sew with me. She has already designed the first skirt she wants to make (seriously, right down to the pleated front and ice-blue buttons)…

And just so you don’t forget… 8 days to the cruise!!!!!

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