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Hi All!

Thank you so much for following me here on WordPress. I have decided to move over to a new site where I can have a blog, and my store al in one!

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Pig Cake, Paw Print Pillow, and Cotton-Candy…

Busy day so far. All the kids had a great day at church – Aidan and Katie volunteer in the Toddler Room every other week, and Maddy attends the kids program. Aidan loves working with the toddlers – I think he may be a teacher when he grows up. Once we got home, Maddy and I made the Pig Cake (…

 Can I tell you JUST how dirty my oven is? hmmm…

Last night on facebook I posted “to knit or to bake… that is the question”… My niece, Jackie, in her ultimate wisdom responded “both!” so this is for her…

As a mom I can do it all!

Notice how my clothes totally match the knitting, AND my dishes, AND my drink! LOL!

I then sat down to knit, and Maddy decided she wanted to make a fleecy pillow case. I told her to pick out  some fleece, and get a pillow case for good measure, and lay it out…

She asked me what to do next, and because the fleece was only $3.00 for a yard and a half (after sale and coupon) I told her to see if she could figure it out, and I would watch, but to not forget her seam allowances. She did perfect…

(Yes, those are my husbands icky wet socks from shoveling today)

Then she asked if she could try to sew it by herself – I said “go for it!”

Maddy’s First All-By-Herself-Sewing-Project!!!!!

I finished Maddy’s first Cotton-Candy-Rific Slipper…

Maddy on the left, Katie on the right .

Maddy still need the ends sewn in and the buttons put on.

All that, and we’re only on lap 40 in Phoenix! Go Racing Day!

Home Again, Home Again…

Well, it’s Saturday! I got home around 11am. Built a fire, rested, knit… It;s my Dad’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Dad) so we brought him a card, then came home, Kevin and the girls made dinner, and I knit. Dinner was awesome.

My wrist is now about to fall off. So, even though I only have like 6 rows left, I had to stop. Here it is…

See the tiny ball to the left? That’s all I have left for this slipper – it’s gonna be tight! Tonight while I was at mom’s I realized I was using 1 size 9 circular and one size 8! LOL! o well, it still looks good, and the size 8 has probably saved me enough yarn that I will have enough to finish the slipper.

It has been the weekend of mistakes… Last night I was talking on my cell phone to Kevin while taking a bubble bath in my hotel room, sneezed, and dropped my cell into the tub! O well, what’s a girl to do? It’s now dried out and working fine.

Off to bed now – church in the morning – and Monday begins School Vacation week – we have all 3 kids for the entire week! YAY! Wish me luck!

Snow, Remicade and Slippers

I am REALLY grateful that I decided to drive up last night and stay at the Courtyard. By the time I woke up there was already an inch of snow on the ground. By the time I got over to my infusion appointment (an hour early) there was almost 3 inches. I was all supplied and packed to knit the entire day away, but alas, my IV site was at my elbow, so I couldn’t bend my arm the ENTIRE day! I read. I love my Kindle! Kindles Rock! Anyways… by the time I was done the weather and driving was so ridiculous that I spent another night at the Courtyard up here in Lebanon. At that point, I was able to get out my needles and go to work on Maddy’s Cotton-Candy-rific Slippers. But first I had to rip them out for a third time – the yarn is slightly bulkier than the Bulky called for, and I am allergic to knitting swatches, this the ripping out. Here is what we have done so far (we, meaning ‘I’)…

cute, right?

I can’t wait for the orangey-yellow…

I wonder what kind of buttons will decide to go on these! Really looking forward to finding them!

Over a foot of snow later… Have a great night all!

YAY! A Productive Day!

I love a productive day! Today I got the fritattas all prepped for the Men’s Ministry Breakfast this Saturday – all set to put in the oven – one is ham and onion, the other ham, onion and bacon

After that I washed and cut awesome fleece for Maddy and her friend to make rice socks out of while they wait to go to dance this afternoon.

I did different colors and different sizes. Sooooo fun!

Then I made a triple batch of the wonderful spinach soup… and boxed it all up for the freezer… Note to self: try to do less things all at once and you won’t spill an entire package of it!

Then I picked the girls up from school, we headed home, had spinach soup for snack (not the stuff off the floor), and made our rice socks. The girls made GREAT color choices…

They are silly, CRAZY, creative girls, and I love them!

… off to dance!

So Many Plans… So Little Time…

…especially when almost 5 hours of that is spent in the emergency room with my daughter.

What a day I had planned for myself. My local yarn shop – The Fiber Studio in Henniker, NH – has a group of women who get together and knit on Weds from 10 until some time after lunch. In preparation, I brought Maddy there last night to pick out the yarn for her slippers. All I can say is that she and I are kindred spirits, and that she has REALLY awesome taste!

Yummy, right? It’s Reynolds Smile, Bulky weight

The inside has yellows, blues, greens, it’s a veritable hand-dyed-rainbow!

so I drop the kids at school, instruct them to take the bus home, come home, sew the last 3 buttons on Katie’s slippers, and get ready to go. I stop on the way, get the PERFECT cup of coffee from Dunkins, and arrive fashionably late. I sit down, introduce myself, and get ready to knit. These women are soooo nice. And then it happens… My cell phone rings… and it’s the school nurse… UG! Maddy has slipped at school and I need to bring her to the ER. “That’s OK” I think to myself, I have my project, I can knit at the ER. NOPE! I brought the WRONG SIZE NEEDLES! So, almost 5 hours later, I leave, Maddy has a sprained knee, I have wasted an entire day, the button came off my awesome sweater jacket, and I haven’t gotten a THING knit!

There – I feel better – thanks for listening. I am off to knit Maddy’s new slippers. I can’t wait to see how the incredible colors come together!

I’ll post pics later tonight!

From Booties to Ballet

After a LONG knitting session the past 2 days, I am recovering well… lol. I’m sorry to not follow through on my promise yesterday, but the only picture I have is of the finished bootie-slippers…

Katie comes home weds and I pray she loves them as much as I do. Now off to The Fiber Studio to get the yarn for Maddy’s pair. YEt again, the project for me goes to the sideline.

I TOTALLY gave up on Kevin’s sweater after the massive fiasco that happened… I am finally ready to admit that I did the ENTIRE FLIPPIN THING, just to find out I made the front split too far off-center. I am going to sew it up and make it into a crew. period. deal!

So…. I got THE BEST email yesterday! My daughters dance studio is now offering an Adult Ballet Class! YAY ME! I have ONLY been asking for the past 5 years. I was so excited I went out and got my ballet slippers today! GO BALLET! I’ll keep ya posted. Maybe even some pictures.

Off for now.

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