So Sidetracked!

Today was sideways! Nothing went according to plan. Until this…

Then I had to make this…

a yummy Thanksgiving pecan pie!

And then a little of this…

A practice Corn Casserole for Thanksgiving.

Which righted my day once again.

So, incase you didn’t get enough of it before – here is my fabulous Banana Malt Cupcakes! So yummy!


Woop Woop! The Anniversary Quilt All Cut OUT!

Well, do you ever notice how things take much longer than we think they will, and we never have as many hours as we think we have? I fell victim to that this weekend. Midweek, I told a group I knit with that I wanted to get my quilt top sewn together this weekend. By Friday, I decided I would be happy with getting it all cut and laid out, along with getting some adorable baby knitting done. By yesterday at noon, I changed that one more time to “cut out quilt top”.

The good news is that it is now 4:00pm, and I have my entire quilt top cut out, and laid out on the floor (with the exception of all but 1 set of flying geese – they are all cut out, but not laid in. If you quilt, you can understand why.. too many pieces.)

So, without any further ado… drumroll please… The Poppy Anniversary Quilt…..


So, what has everyone done while I was focusing on this?

Hanging around doing Soduko…

Climbing the walls (and furniture)…

Making Milk Mustaches…

And Chocolate Nutella Lips…

And Snuggling with Daddy…

Now that it’s all cut out, I have to decide how long I think it will take to get it sewn together. I am going to go way out on a limb here, and say I would love to have it complete by the end of the weekend next weekend. (But then realism kicked in, and I am going to say a realistic goal is 2 weeks… We shall see!)

With Thanksgiving only 4 days away, I have pies, dozens of cupcakes, corn souffle, Pioneer Woman’s Mashed Potatoes, and about a billion other things to make. I am intensely thankful that I am healthy enough this year to be able to do all of these things, and to not be overwhelmed at the prospect of it all. This is the first holiday in almost 9 years where I can say that.

Stay tuned… Yummy food pictures, Baby knitting pictures, and (hopefully) quilting pictures to come over the next few days!

Progress is Progress, no matter how small

Well, now I remember why I decided to quit for the day back in August when I started to cut this out. I am now in the process of cutting a billion 1 1/2 inch strips of varying lengths out of my incredible white. My newly amended goal is to have my entire quilt cut and laid out by tomorrow night. Here is a sneak peak at the fabulous fabric line…

A Day of (HOPEFULLY) Getting Much Done… Or, The Story of a Quilt Top

Well, I am up. Well rested, and ready to start getting my things done for the day. But first it seems I have to accomplish the task of finding my table…


How does this happen? I mean it was JUST clean! *bursting out laughing* OK, I cleaned it a bit ago. I mean, FINE! Last month I cleaned it. (Um, ya. We eat in the living room. A. Lot.)

So… Back to my day – I am off to clean the table, and then lay out my quilt top so I can figure out where I stopped cutting it out. Once it’s out, I will post some pics so y’all can see what I am working on. Not sure if you remember, but the fabric was a birthday/anniversary present from my mom back in August. It is so yummy.

Anyways… Off to reclaim the table. Be back soon. (If not, call 911 and let them know I am under an avalanche of junk)

Accomplishments Abound

Well, you all got to see the “before picture”, here is the “AFTER”:

The highlight of my day was heading over to my local yarn store to pick up yarn to make knit baby UGGs. The pattern is so freakin adorable I could cry! Apparently Boroco no longer makes their “suede” yarn, so I opted for a silk/linen blend in a DK/sport weight. Then, I found this fabulous fuzzy yarn called Woolie Bullie to do the seaming and the accents so that they look like real UGGs.

After finishing the sole, I looked at how big they were, looked at the pattern, and realized that the smallest the bootie goes is 3-6 months, so I will be ripping it out, doing a little math, and making a new pattern for a “newborn” size.

Just in case THOSE don’t melt your heart, I picked up this pattern and a crochet hook to make these Sugar and Spice Booties by The Lovely Crow. If you have facebook, go “like” her page ASAP! She has the most adorable baby booties and shoe patterns ever! She sells the PDF right off of her facebook page.

I would really love to get these booties done this weekend, but at the same time I want to make my quilt top. So, I think I may ammend my goal list. I will be reworking the UGG pattern, laying out my quilt, knitting one of the soles, cutting the remaining pieces of my quilt top, and then heading to church to see two very special friends get baptised on Sunday. Think I can do it? hmmmm….

I’ll keep you posted through out the weekend.


I have been down and out for a couple weeks with a really bad cold/flu thing. I haven’t gotten much accomplished. It is times like this when I am really grateful that my kids are older. At 11, 12 and 13, they are able to make their own food, clean up after themselves (lol! ya, right), get themselves ready for school, and everything in between.

The downside to all of this pre-teen autonomy is that my kitchen has gone to the birds. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I think my best course of action is to start by cleaning my fridge…


YUP! I’m going in. Pray for me!

Sacrifice, Decisions and Rewards

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease about 10 years ago. The time between that day and now has been a rollercoaster of good times and bad. But the one constant was that my disease, or more accurately the treatment of my disease, has controlled what I can and can’t do. Back in June I finally said to hell with that plan. I called my cousin, who is a naturopath, and after a series of tests we decided on a plan. That plan included some very strict diet changes. HUGE sacrifices, which included no sugar, no alcohol, no yeast, no vinegar. To say it was difficult is an understatement. Fresh cukes from the garden WITHOUT vinegar? Come on!

For the past 8 years, I have been going up to Lebanon, NH every month for my Remicade infusion. Today, I was able to go to my LAST infusion. This is not saying that my disease is gone. I spent quite a bit of time going back and forth to make the decision to go a new route with my treatment. I will now be taking control of my treatments by changing drugs to an at-home injectable. With my Crohn’s in remission, I am very confident in this decision.

I left my infusion today and decided to give myself a reward that I would have to memorialize this day that will change my path forever. I stopped at a fabulous hole-in-the-wall bead shop called Gemstar and bought myself some real beauties to create a few pieces that I will keep forever.



I have some turquoise, some fabulous pearls, fiesta jade, and bone.

Now, I am not in denial – I know there will come a time when I go back into a flare, but for right now, this feels pretty good, and I will take it! I cannot say Thank you enough to everyone who has helped me, taken care of me and my family, and prayed for me over the years.

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