3 Envelope Roast… or, How the crockpot saved my marriage

Well, in all seriousness, my marriage is, like, on the other side of the planet from needing saving. But… if it did, this roast could certainly do it. It takes exactly 2 minutes to start dinner, really, I timed it today.

Step 1: Get out crockpot and put in your pot roast meat.

Step 2: In a small bowl, whisk together 1 cup of warm water with 1 envelope of dry italian dressing mix, 1 envelope of dry ranch mix and 1 envelope of au jus mix.

Step 3: Pour over top of roast, put lid on and cook on low for 6 hours.








Step 4: Enjoy.


My marriage may not need saving, but what this roast DOES do for me is make my evening far less stressful on days when I am running errands and carting kids around for the good part of the day.

ANYWHOOOOO…. Now that we have that little bit of joy from my day out of the way…. What have you been working on this week? Me? Well, thanks for asking… I have been working on Kevin’s socks. They will hopefully be done by the middle of this next week.

I have also been working on my Knit-a-Long Kaftan sweater. We are setting out a pretty laid back pace, as all of us have many projects on our plates. It has taken us a few tries to get the gauge right, I looked all over the internet and found another knit a long from a while ago for the same sweater. The feedback was that the sweater runs large, and so far we have found this to be true.

If you are interested in joining us, I will be posting the specifics of the sweater tomorrow with a link to the pattern. I’ll start the online knit a long here next week…


The Eagle Has Landed!… And she’s bringing a knit-a-long!

Hey y’all! My golly how I’ve missed you! A HUUUGE shout out to my wonderful husband who has worked on this machine for a week to make my baby work again. Can I even begin to tell you how hard it was to only have internet access through my cell phone? DANG! I have only been unplugged for a week, but I have missed so much. All the wonderful lives I am allowed to be a part of out there in blogland, all the friends I have met on facebook, and the conversations that flow so naturally across a continent. I can happily say I am back on-line now.

ANYWAYS… What have I been up to? I think it’s easier to ask what I HAVEN’T been up to. A few weeks back I found a great pattern for a kaftan sweater, shared it with my mom, and now there are 5 of us knitting it together, and 4 of us are even making it in the same color. I will post more about it later. We are having a really hard time getting it to knit to gauge, so once we get that figured out, I will be posting about it. But, here is a great picture of 4 of us getting it started. (My daughter, Maddy, snapped the shot.) From left to right  we are: Sue, Me, Barb and Mom. And, I would like to add that everyone is wearing a sweater they knit except me. I am a slacker!

I am also working on my second pair of socks – a black pair for Kevin, and will be pulling out my Anniversary Quilt to get the stitching started this weekend.

What’s on your plate this week?

Sorry y’all…. or, My Computer Ate Itself

OK, everyone – I am doing what no woman should ever have to do… I am surrendering my laptop. It is sick. It is dieing. there is some sort of creeping crud in it. So, my computer is going off to the laptop Dr to get fixed. I may or may not be able to blog for the next couple days, but know that I am thinking of all of you.

But… Before I go, I haave to tell you that I have some AWESOME news! And, that’s all I’m gonna tell you. I’ll be back in a cople days (fingers crossed) to fill you in!

Hugs… Me.

Putting it all out there… or, the ugly fat roll

Well, it’s Monday! I hope your weekend was as fabulous as ours. We were blessed with such wonderful weather, and today is no different. The sun is out, it is probably over 70. They are forecasting this for the week. It is this time of year that we all take inventory of our lives and our surroundings. How many posts have you read in blogville or on facebook about Spring Cleaning? OR that diet to get ready for Summer? And me? Seriously, no different.

I have some big plans… It seems I always have big plans… It’s the follow-up that I stumble a bit on. I guess that’s one of the things I like about blogging. Putting it out here, no matter how few or many actually get to reading it, makes it a commitment. Anyways back to my goals for the next few weeks…

*after writing this, I realized I missed the most important part – Get my application done and jewelry ready to be looked over to see if I can put it in a local shop. That happens on Weds!

1) I have been given a wonderful opportunity to read and review a new eBook titled The Good Wife’s Guide by Darlene Schacht. If you don’t know who she is, she has a blog called The Time-Warp Wife. I found her blog last week, and fell in love. She writes with the heart of a servant. Kindly guiding and nudging us to be our husband’s “Help-Meets” – offering guidance on how to maintain and run the home. You can also find her bible studies (she is currently 6 weeks in to the book of Esther, one of my favorite books).

2) As a subset of #1, I need to get my house “Spring Clean-ed”. Denise has a great outline of deep cleaning in those rooms we just can’t seem to keep control of. I am also completely gutting my clothes. I have FAR too many, none of which even fit me anymore. Some too small, some too big, some too short… And don’t even get me started on the shoes…

3) SOCKS… I knitted my first pair of socks, and have fallen in love. I am now working on a pair for Kevin – he chose black, ug – I have the first one all but done, and would like to have them done and be on to my next pair ASAP.

4)Finances… Kevin and I have been going to financial classes at church (Dave Ramsey’s Financial PEace University) and we have been going gangbusters on our budgeting. The biggest part for us is grocery shopping/meal planning and NOT eating out.

5) Personal spring cleaning… I went back to the gym today after not going for over a month. I had done so well leading up to our January cruise. Once we got back I really lost my workout mojo. (along with my crafting mojo). I had been doing so well, and went from 187 to 172 (yes, that’s pounds people). I weighed myself this morning, and I am back up to 175. I thought it would be more, as I have that wretched back fat roll that makes my bra uncomfortable. I would really love to be fit for summer. I don’t care what my bathing suit looks like, I just want to be able to run around with my kids all summer and not have to stop to catch my breath or adjust by waste band.

6) Work on my Anniversary Quilt!!!!!

I guess that’s all for now, but there you have it. Not my normal type of blog today, just a little accountability check…

What’s on your Spring List?

Anatomy of my life… or, What is housekeeping?

It is absolutely no secret that I love to be a mom. I love to be a wife. I love being crafty. I love cooking. I love doing just about anything that involves watching something on a big screen (y’all are shocked, I know). And, if you know me, it is absolutely NO SURPRISE that I DO NOT LOVE cleaning. I mean, I really want to. I want to be the kind of wife and mother that everyone talks about, whose family comes home to that lemon pine scent and clean floors and counters. I want my husband to go down to the bedroom and NOT see all my clothes piled high on the floor. But, again, y’all know me, and you ALL know… this is just NOT my skill set.


Now, I don’t want you to be totally grossed out. My house isn’t “dirty”, it’s just cluttered, filled to the brim with stuff, and things, and what-nots. And kids. And shoes… Dear Lord in Heaven, where on earth did all these shoes come from? and the clothes???? really? all Kevin does is laundry (That’s right, ladies… I said KEVIN!  HE does the best laundry. Be jealous, be very jealous!).

Anyways, I really need to get on figuring out this housekeeping thing. Enter The Time-Warp Wife… (  http://www.time-warp-wife.blogspot.com/ )… I just found this blog. What an incredibly inspiring blog. She really speaks to my heart and makes such easy connections between life and gospel. Very inspiring.

Back to cleaning… OK, so I was browsing about her blog and reading about being your husbands help-mate, really providing what he needs at home so that he can be relaxed and feel loved. Real Proverbs 31 Woman stuff here. The woman we all aspire to be.

She also has a tab with a cleaning schedule. Today says to clean and mop the floors. I’m all “oh, I’m just gonna jump right in and do this!” then I looked around and was like “um… where’s my floor?” lol.

So, today I will start with cleaning up the stuff on the floors. I figure, if the stuff is all over the floor it can’t really be all that dirty underneath, right?

*** I have some fabulous messy house pictures that should be in here, but my USB driver doesn’t want to play nicey nice with my computer brain, so you will just have to imagine it. ***

Whatevs, WordPress, Whatevs!

So, I was looking at my post, and although all my pictures came through on my draft, they did NOT show up on the live post.

WHATEVER, WordPress! You can’t keep my cakes from the world!

MarcyMade Baked Goods… or, Holy Yum!, Batman

Well, I have apparently forgotten how to make a blog post, because I totally posted that last on accident without finishing it, so here, I will just tease you with all the pictures of my goodies. Over the next couple days I will be building the actual MarcyMade Cake site, which will include pricing basics, contact info and my cupcake of the week. Here are a few teasers…

Raspberry-Filled Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Baileys Cream Cheese Frosting

Fresh Lemon-Zest Cupcakes with Zesty Raspberry Frosting


Basketball Celebration French Vanilla Cake with Buttercream Frosting

And possibly one of my favorite creations… my first event cake – chocolate with buttercream frosting, covered in fondant. I made the bow by sculpting chocolate fondant. So fun, so yummy!


Feel free to contact me with any inquiries!

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