Meal Planning Monday

Wow, was last week crazy!!! I am so thankful for my kids, but I have to admit, I was secretly happy to enjoy my quiet house today. I love routine, and today it was nice to just settle back in to my routine.

Tomorrow I will post up some fabulous pictures of our vacation week. For now??? I will share our week’s menu. This week we are cooking a la Pioneer Woman. She speaks to my gastric soul.

Monday: The Marlboro Man Sandwich

Tuesday: Steaks on the grill with grilled veggies

Wednesday: Impact night Pizza

Thursday: Cajun Chicken Pasta

Friday: Chicken Parmesan

Saturday: sandwiches or grilled something (we will be doing yard cleanup all day)

There you have it! What are you having for dinner this week?


New York, New York…

We are just pulling in to the city. And I have knit my way through 4 states and 4 hours. Here’s a quick update picture of Katie’s Hogwarts bag.

Go Gryffendor!


Logging the Yard… Year 2

Remember last year? October? I was so excited that we were able to get loggers in to clear out our property. We had been looking for someone for a couple years, but could never afford it. Finally we found this small start-up company called SC Logging company. They needed the experience, the exposure,  and references. They did the  job for free.

Can you say “Too good to be true”?

Ya, well, they have moved on, left us with a massive mess we can’t even wrap our heads around.

I will be writing more about this probably tomorrow, when I am at the computer so I can post pictures of it all, but for now I want to share what the kids and I did yesterday :


We moved some seriously heavy logs off a small portion of my front garden.


We are on our way to New York City! My first time!


And now I should post this before we hit the no signal zone in VT.

Have a fun day!

Sometimes ya just gotta give up and have fun…

I was supposed to get quite a bit done on my Harry Potter this morning… I got it out, figured out where I was on a pretty detailed pattern I haven’t touched since before Christmas, and knit part of a row. Then? Ya, I pretty much remembered why I put it down… Because, DANG!, it takes soooooo long to go around this tiny intarsia bag. And takes total concentration. So, when Maddy called from her Geegee’s to ask when we were leaving for the hike, I was all “Um… NOW!”.

Then I called my Mama, and begged and pleaded until she said she would come and enjoy the family hike. We all got in the van and took off up the Kancamagus in Lincoln, NH. We stopped at this great place that a friend suggested called The Wilderness Trail. It is a great, almost level, hike of different lengths and difficulties. We opted for a 3 mile round trip along the Pemi.

The hike started at this fantastic suspension bridge that spanned the river below.

There were wonderful mini-waterfalls along the way, and the girls just couldn’t resist climbing out and posing on the rocks…

My family? Is silly…

Sometimes I feel amazingly blessed!

I got home, had dinner, took a bath, put on jammies, picked up the Harry Potter bag, and my hands said “Um… not a chance hiker lady!”. So, lesson learned… Don’t drive 3 hours and hike for another 2 and then expect to go home and knit intarsia on size 5 needles.

Just Sayin’





Knitting Day 2

Alrighty – first off I want to thank all of my new subscribers. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to check in on my little corner of New Hampshire.

Today is the last day of the Knitting Marathon. I have participated in 2 others, and loved them, but this one is different for me because my kids are on vacation. I looked on facebook last night, and saw that one of my kids changed her status to “I. Am. So. Bored!”, so… I will be knitting until she is up and out of bed (she’s 14, so I probably have until noon, lol), and then we are off to tackle hiking up north.

I am off to start the Hogwarts Gryffindor bag… Katie will be VERY happy.

Final Marathon post of the day

Hey y’all…

Today didn’t go as planned. I think I maybe knit a total of 5 hours today. 3 of those hours were taken up doing the garter stitch on a 12×12 square. I really DO NOT LIKE the garter stitch. Seriously… For every 5 rows I completed, I think I lose a quarter inch. I finally finished that square while at the movies with my kids watching Journey 2: mysterious Island. Then, in the dark of the theatre, I bound off, and cast on my second 12 inch square. This one is being done in patchwork.

In total, I knit a bit over 5 hours, celebrated 2 birthdays at my local yarn shop, drove a total of about 3 1/2 hours, finished my square, and RAN OUT OF YARN midway through my second. So, with that… I will pack it in for the night.

I am not certain what tomorrow will hold, as it seems my Crohn’s Disease has decided to rear it’s ugly head. With any luck, I will be knitting my way through Katie’s awesome Harry Potter bag – it is my first attempt at 2 color, intarsia knitting. (I started it before Christmas. and it was supposed to be her birthday present on New Years Eve).

Thank you, Cheryl Marie, for hosting the knit marathon for us! Can’t wait to see all you’ve gotten done.

Knitting Marathon goes to the movies!


So, i knit and ate food for 2 hours at my LYS… Then, because it’s school vacation, I went and picked up my kids and their friend Izzie and we went to Wendy’s and then to the movies. I am sitting in the theatre ready to knit my past 2 inches of this blanket square during Journey 2.

Are you knitting along? What have you done today?

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