Just Another Manic Monday…

Once again, the week has ended and another has begun. Funny how that keeps happening, no matter what I do.  This week is sure to be a busy one, as I have lofty goals and projects to finish.

Knowing today was going to be full of knitting and such, I began with the breakfast of champions…

I know, don’t judge me, it had to be done…


Last night I put together my weekly dinner menu.

As part of The Ort’s Fiscal Recovery Plan (a.k.a. the get out of debt before the kids go to college plan), we decided that a cost that could be controlled far easier than most others would be our grocery shopping and food consumption. In an average week, for our family of 5, I was easily spending $230 just at the grocery store. We decided that our goal would be to make our total food cost to $150 a week. I knew that if I wanted to accomplish this I would have to be careful in my meal planning, couponing and shopping. The first week I was able to feed us well on $122! The second week in March I spent only $115. We were amazed at how well we ate, and how little we wasted. Meal planning. That was the key for us. Whenever I post my menus on facebook, everyone loves it – we all need more ideas on how to feed our broods – so, I have decided that I would share my week’s menu here. Starting next week I will be adding a feature on Mondays – “Mealtime Mondays” – where I will post my weekly menu, and add a recipe or two. I would love to hear what you all are planning for your families as well.


SOOOOOO….. Here’s where I am at with my projects for this week:

Kevin’s Socks: I am hoping to finish them by later this afternoon, so Kevin can wear them to work tomorrow! He’s not convinced that homemade socks will be awesome, My opinion on that is that he is absolutely WRONG.


The Toilet Sweater: Remember this one? It received its dubious name because my local yarn shop stores it’s clearance yarn in bins down in this rather large room that also houses the bathroom. I eyed this fabulous Malibrigio for 7 months before I was able to buy it. All I have left is to sew it together, knit the neck and then add the zipper. I would love to finish it by Friday.

The K-A-L Kaftan: I am working on the back of my Kaftan (my mom cheats… she is almost finished with the back, even though the rules strictly state only 8″ lol…)

The Anniversary Quilt: OK, I seriously need to get this out and start sewing on it. It really needs to be done BEFORE our NEXT anniversary! lol


Well, there you have it. This is my week in a nutshell… ok, I left out all the appointments, visits, chores and driving, but who really counts that stuff anyway?

What is on your list for the week? Here’s to getting it all done!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cheryl Marie
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 10:11:50

    Ok, I found my answer – Hurrah for the Toilet Sweater – I will look forward to seeing it complete!!!


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