Knit-a-Longs, Knitting Marathons and Decluttering

Sorry I have been off-line. I have had some dental issues this week, and am now down a tooth. So much to tell you! Sooooo much! so, we’ll just dive in!

Kaftan Knit-A-Long…

OK, knit a long-ers… We have finished to the underarm! How’s it looking? Mine is coming along really well. I would post a picture but my laptop really needs to be sent away to be fixed, and sometimes it doesn’t like to play nice with my memory card.  Our group will be knitting the remainder of the back between now and next Wednesday. I will also try to get the front cast on and (if I can find a good movie to watch) will hopefully get the seed stitch for the front done. Any questions? Running into any problems? Feel free to let me know. Blogging about your sweater? Let me know so I can see how yo are doing?

Knitting Marathon…

Last year I participated in 3 of these with Cheryl. She is hosting April’s knit marathon on April 25 and 26. That’s right! 26.2 hours of knitting! Don’t let the hours scare you! Find a buddy, find a friend, find a local yarn shop to knit at. What we generally do is knit for about an hour or so, then take a short break – get up, walk around, have a snack, do push ups, call a friend and brag about how much you have done… you get the idea.

I have 3 darling, dear, sweet children (ahem…)  who will be on school vacation next week, and gallivanting about the house asking me what I am making to eat, telling me about who did what to whom. So, in preparation, I will be making meals ahead of time and having them set to go in the fridge so I don’t have to lose time knitting.

So… Pick your projects, plan some meals, and get ready for some serious progress!


I am about to take on a project that is sweeping the blogosphere (OK, maybe not sweeping, but I read it on a blog, and was inspired. It’s called… drumroll please?…  40 bags in 40 days…  Over the weekend I am going to go through my entire house and break it down in to 40 small, manageable areas. Then I am going to take one area a day for the 40 days and commit to throwing out a minimum of 1 trash bag full each day from the assigned area. I will be taking and posting before and after pictures each day. Who knows… maybe it will inspire you as well!

Now? I am off to ice my cheek… My tooth was removed earlier today, and I miss it already. I wonder if it misses me, too?


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