Things Making Me Happy Today…

Today was NOT a good day. Like, if you found the definition of the perfect day? and then looked at my day? my day would be opposite. Bad. Day.

But then… I got an email from my friend Suki, which read “Yarn: It’s here!” She had ordered us some yarn from KnitPicks for our Guernsey Knit a Long that we are doing with our Wednesday knitting group. I was REALLY happy for this turn of events. So, I finished al of my errands and fruitless running around, and stopped by her house on my way to pick up Maddy from school.

Guess what she had???? Not only my yarn (Wool of the Andes in avocado, $2.49 per skein):

But an awesome surprise for MEEEEEE!!!!!!!

TeeHeeeeeee! Can you stand it? An incredible set of Bamboo interchangeable needles! (YAY mom, now I don’t have to keep running to your house or having you run to mine to save me when I need a size!) They are gorgeous! I am so psyched!

So, after I got home, I decided to just take stock of things that are blessing me today:

My peonies are in bloom! They are tiny. They only have 3 buds, and are only a few years old, but they were a gift to me from my father in law when he came up to help us plant our gardens a few years ago. Whenever I see them bud and bloom I am so grateful I have a father in law who shares my passion for gardening.

My son, Aidan, is 6 feet tall, at age 13, and weighs about 110 pounds. We have bought and returned no less than 80 pairs of shorts (ok, I may be a little over), and they are all toooooo short!

I decided that, short of spending $35 per pair of shorts, I would have to make his. So, I set off this morning to find a pattern. THERE. ARE. NO. MENS. PATTERNS!!!!! Until I finally came acrossed Burda Youth! and was so excited! So I got this pattern and the awesome linen stripe. I will be trying them this weekend. If they fit, I will be mass producing the shorts for his summer wardrobe. Wish me luck!

What things made your day today?????


My carbon copy…


If you ever doubted that children see and imitate everything their parents do…

Maddy and I are out for a bite before a
Meeting later. ..

Hunh… wonder who she learned this from…

The Reason I Knit… Marathon update #3

Right here?????

This is the reason I knit… She was so excited to get home and have a sock!

I finished it just as the bus was stopping at the driveway. Literally. As in, I cut the yarn as she opened the door. Ends are woven in. Sock done!

Giggling ensued. Much happiness from my 11-year-old.


Now, I have to run to my moms to get a pair of size 6 needles so I can cast on the sleeve of the Kaftan. I got a few more hours of knitting left in me.

It’s a food thing! Marathon day 2 #2

Hey all –

Almost to the home stretch here. I am making fab progress, so I am going to keep this short. I couldn’t bring myself to post a picture of what I am knitting, because it is so close to being done. Suffice it to say that by 3pm I hope to have a finished sock, and THEN I will post the pick.

What I DO have for you is what I have been eating! lol…

When I made my kids lunch this morning, I whipped up some for myself so I wouldn’t have to be hungry today. The problem is, at around 9:30 this morning it sounded so good I ate it!

We’ll just call this turkey wrap “breakfast” – it was so good! A cream cheese schmeer with chives and parsley and then turkey and lettuce and avocado. So. Good.

The problem now became – What do I have for Lunch????

Well, my daughter forgot her sax at home, so I had to run it to the school. On the way I stopped at our local grocery and had them make me a Cool Ben – Corned Beef, swiss, coleslaw and russian dressing on rye. Yum!

Ooops – Did I neglect to mention that I picked up a package of Necco wafers? ya… LOVE THEM!

Ok all – back to the needles.

Good morning Needles… Knit Marathon Day 2

Good morning everyone, what’s on your plate today?

Me? So glad you asked… KNITTING! But first? My iced coffee. Have you read where I explain about how to make this wonderful iced coffee concentrate? No? Well, that’s ok, because I just went through Marcaritaville to find it, and CAN’T! I must have written it on my old blog! lol… No worries, I will do it next week here! soooooo good!

As you saw last night, I even knit at Applebees (with my $4 Mucho Margarita).  It is amazing how much progress you can make on something when you set aside a large block of time to just get in and get it done. I think it’s the starting and stopping and getting ready and cleaning up that slows us down when we work in small increments of our time.

As promised, here is the picture of what I did last night:

I think next time I need to make sure my table is cleared off BEFORE we start knitting – I couldn’t find a clean surface in my house big enough to take a picture of this! lol… (Can you hear my husband cheering in agreement?)

Another thing I have been thinking about – NExt week I will do a Quilting half-marathon – yup! You heard me right! 13 hours of working on my Anniversary Quilt over 2 days… details to follow soon (Did you hear the cheer of excitement AGAIN from my husband?).

Off to knit!



Final Marathon update of the night

OK, friends, I have gotten to the point that I am making more mistakes than good stitches, so I am stopping for the night. I finished the two front side panels on my Blue Kaftan. I am too tired to even take pictures…

**** picture totally awesome blue sweater front here*****

Sorry… That’s all I got for ya!


Totals for Day 1:

hours knit: with an additional 5 hours knit, I close day 1 with 11 1/2 hours knit

project update: I have finished the portion of my Blue Kaftan I wanted during the marathon.

I am 1/3 way through the first pom pom ped for Maddy

Tomorrow? I will start bright and early with pictures from today, and then move on to??? Maybe some Un-Fat sweater! hmmm….

Don’t forget to bop over to see what happened today over at Cheryl Marie Knits!

Knitting at Dinner…


You know I’m committed to this marathon! Lol… stopped to have dinner out with Kevin and Maddy.

Knitting with my Marg…

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