New Beginnings

I started 2013 off with a BANG! I started a fabulous pair of socks on Christmas day, and finished then January 1! Please ignore my saggy kneecaps (seriously, when did THAT happen???)

Purple Twin Peaks Socks

Purple Twin Peaks Socks

Well, here we are. It’s the first week of the year… AGAIN. Funny how that just keeps happening.

Do you find yourself in the same boat as me? Every year I make these lofty resolutions, and every year I almost NEVER get started because  I never make myself a roadmap of how to achieve my resolutions.

So, here’s the thing. The reason we all love new years is the same reason we all start diets on a Monday. A fresh start. There has got to be some little mechanism in out brains that signals these types of dates as a place to put a refresh. Which, when you think about it, is pretty silly. We can start something any day of the week, any week of the year. We could even *gasp* start something new in the middle of the day. Just random!

This year I made a resolution to not make a resolution. I am going to make small goals each week in different important areas of my life. For example, every year I have resolved to get back into shape and lose weight. Whatever. What does that even mean? I mean, if I could do that so simply, I would have done it by now. So what I have finally decided is that I need to make smaller goals within my overall vision for what I want for myself in the future. Does that make sense? I also decided to make these goals weekly. That way, if I do something and it doesn’t work or doesn’t feel like it will move me in the direction I need to go to feel accomplished, I can change the goal next week. Or if I have  week (like this week) where everyone in the house has the flu (including this Mama), I can reduce the goal or just repeat it next week.

***** As a complete side note… Who the heck came up with the show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”??? Seriously! Did the producers just go out and say “Let’s pick a family that we can make fun of and then put it on tv???” OK… back to the blog******

All of this is not to say that I don’t have an overall goal for the year. I do. Well, I guess I don’t exactly have a quantifiable goal. I have a direction I want my life to be moving in. Right now, movement in the right direction is more important that a number on  scale or in the bank account.

OK, now that I have cleared up all that for y’all – here are my goals for this week (even though my week is almost over)

  • Gather and sort all of my knitting projects, yarn, patterns, needles nd supplies so that next week I can decide what I am truly going to make and what I can sell or give away
  • Get to my local gym 3 times (I have started working at our local gym in exchange for a membership)
  • Stop trying to figure out how to “catch up” on my blogging, and just come back and “start over”. Putting up at least 3 posts this week.
  • Make 2 healthy dinners and breakfasts this week, and try out 3 different bag lunches for the kids.

So there you have it. I am back. Did you miss me? I’ll be back tomorrow to share the other couple quick projects I have finished this week. (well, they are Christmas presents that I am only now finishing. Please tell me you do this, too!)






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  1. Maria Jordan
    Jan 03, 2013 @ 11:57:31

    Marcy i know what you mean i had started to work on one of two yes only two lousy presents fro Christmas which of course are not done and the one I was making progress on thanks to fire works my dog jumped on me so hard that my thread broke and i had beads all over the floor and now I have to re start again not to mentinon that second one hasnt gotten started i wanted one since it wasnt ready for christmas for this weekend but I dont think that is going to happen. Every morning I have gotten up at the break of dawn to start only to find myself at the computer taking care of important things and by the time I am done my eyes are not so hot. So my reccomendation dont ever knit with beads it is a pain . So I guess Ill try to get started with you and see what I can accomplish hahahahahaha.


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