Day 2 – a slow beginning

To start off day #2, I brought my scarves over to my Mama’s house so she could mail them out with my sister’s OTHER Christmas present that she made! lol… see? It runs in the family!

Then I was off into town to run some errands (dry cleaning, fresh veggies, humus, chick pea salad, you know… the essentials). Can I just tell you how bad the roads are here? We just got all that snow, and now it is snow/sleeting. NASTY! I was driving 35 on the highway, and still white-nuckling it. But now I am home, and have been working on my crochet basket.

Fabulous Crochet Project Tote

Fabulous Crochet Project Tote

I am off to knit some more! I am turning off the cooking shows, and putting away the crochet in favor of Kevin’s sleeve and last night’s episode of The Walking Dead.

Wanna check out some other crazies who have decided that knit marathon-ing is the way to go? Check out Cheryl Marie Knits to see her fabulous sweater and a pair of socks she is making for her hunny for Valentine’s Day.


Knitting Marathon Day #1 is in the books

You know when you are supposed to be doing something, but your mind keeps going everywhere else? Ya, my mind went to Chocolate chip Cookies. And the big bag of new chocolate chips on my counter. And I already had made a gorgeous chicken for dinner

Lemon Rosemary Chicken

Lemon Rosemary Chicken

So I couldn’t waste an oven already preheated! Right?

MMMMMM... Chocolate Chip Cookies

MMMMMM… Chocolate Chip Cookies

They just happened, I mean, I was sitting knitting, and then all of a sudden the butter just started creaming itself! What’s a girl to do???

Well, at least I got some good knitting progress as well. I have finished the cuff and 8 sleeve increases on the first sleeve.

Kevin's First Sleeve

Kevin’s First Sleeve

I have to say, I love this yarn. I was afraid I wouldn’t because it is not the usual yarn. It is Wool-Ease by Lions Brand. The only down side is that it rolls like a son of a gun. It is a little frustrating when trying to measure, or take pictures. (Speaking of which, my youngest says to me while I am photographing the chicken “Mom, why are you always taking pictures of our food?” Apparently she doesn’t read my blog.)

I am off, and I am probably done knitting for the night. I think I may spend some time crocheting – ya, I just said that! I finally learned! I can’t wait to show you guys the progress I have made on my basket!

Have a great night, and I will be back to marathon some more tomorrow.



Knit Marathon Update: Making soup is not knitting?

I have been a completely ADD knitter so far. But, I have accomplished quite a bit. As you saw earlier, I finished my 4 scarves which will be mailed out tomorrow to my sister for her family.

Sunday is church day for us, but one of my kids was sick, so she was brought to the clinic, and I stayed here with the other 2. While I knitted and attended church via the internet, the kids measured the snow for me and made a very cool fort

Total snow fall from NEMO

Total snow fall from NEMO

OK… Here we go again with that little “click here to see more” thingy… I feel like a real blogger!


Knit Marathon – sort of…

Hey all – for those of you who have been with me for a while, you know that I have joined Cheryl over at Cheryl Marie Knits for several of her Knit Marathons. She is hosting one starting today. Normally I knit 26.2 hours over 2 days. It is a wonderful way to get some things accomplished with yarn! I am always amazed to see how much I can get accomplished when I sit and focus for an extended period of time.

This time I am going to do it a little differently. My hands and wrists are a bit sore, and I am afraid if I go straight through I will be forced to NOT KNIT *gasp* for a couple of weeks after I am done. Also, I have church today, and as a result of NEMO we have been cleaning the basement out (nothing major happened, we were just inside and it happened). So I have made a game time decision to knit the 26.2 hours over the next 3 days.

What you will see from me here are multiple posts during the days I am knitting, so you can see what all I am working on along with other regular blog posts.

*** as a side note, and completely unrelated, I finally figured out how to do that “page break” thingy – and will be inserting one of those “more” tags in my blogs from now on. When you click on the “more” button, it will take you to the remainder of my post. Here is my first official “more” button! Don’t forget to click it so you can see what I have already finished this morning***


Anatomy of a Blizzard – 2013 Edition

It’s 4:30 pm, and the snow has only just changed over from the fine powder to a heavier snow. This morning we all slept in – except for Kev, who was working from home – taking advantage of an unplanned day off. OK, nix that, I had to go in and work at the gym for 4 hours today, but still…

This morning we were pretty lazy. Mads made a breakfast sandwich. This was a feat considering her right hand is in a cast from a basketball injury:

Maddie's morning creation

Maddie’s morning creation


Blizzard Prep, Knitter-Style

Here’s the thing, in New England when they are predicting a storm you can tell a lot about a person. Some go to the store and get water and dry goods in case they lose power. Some go to the store and get ice melt, shovels, beer, and a roast for the crockpot. Some do nothing.

Me? I make my kids bring in enough wood to heat the entire street for a week. Then I shop for some good food and munchies for the kids. Then, I make sure I have enough projects on hand to knit.

Kevin's Alpine Zippy Sweater

Kevin’s Alpine Zippy Sweater

Celestial Socks

Celestial Socks

And then as if knitting weren’t enough, I have FINALLY learned to crochet, and am working on this project basket for my knitting things. It will be made in two colors – this eggplant will be the bottom and go a short way up the side. Then I will change over to a cream to finish up the sides.

Crochet Ombre Project Basket

Crochet Ombre Project Basket

To top things off… you know… just in case we get snowed in for a month (or my ADD gets the better of me, and I just HAVE to start a new project)… I have the yarn to start this fabulous afghan which will coordinate wonderfully with the wall hanging quilt I made last year.

Bernat Afghan pattern and NEW YARN!

Bernat Afghan pattern and NEW YARN!


For those of you who have been following along with my No-Spend Challenge, do not worry! My Mama got me this yarn! It is so perfect! I am so in love with the lime green.

So, yes, you can tell a lot about a person by what they do to prepare for a storm. What is on your must-have list?

To all of those in the path of the storm, stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy your days of winter white…




We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post…

For me to brag on my baby!

My son has been playing basketball for a while now, this year he made the middle school team. It is a pretty big thing. And tonight? HE was a starter. Not only a starter, but at Center~


That’s my boy – the big tall one in the green and white – at the tip-off (or whatever it is called. My kids did NOT get their athletic ability from me!) At 6’2″ and being only 13 years old, I think I have a lot of basketball in my future.


My boy ROCKS!

That’s all. Thank you for listening.

I will be back tomorrow with a double post – some helpful money saving tips, and a little about my over abundance of ongoing projects!

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