We had a fabulous weekend, and you?

We have been busy here on Marcaritaville…

We were grateful for the rainy weekend as that gave us guilt free time to relax, sleep in and run out shopping to pick up the things we needed. We started out at Home Depot where we picked up 4 rough cut 1x8x12’s for our raised beds. We were originally going to buy a smaller board, but when we got there we found these for only $9 and change a piece! One thing I love about Home Depot is their staff – we found a guy right off who was able to cut the pieces for us, and then just like that we had our raised beds all set to nail together.¬† (another thing I love about Home Depot is the sausage guy – we always get a sausage, pepper and onions – but due to the incredibly horrible weather the sausage guy was closed *insert sad face here*.

We also were able to go to this fabulous new (to us) local garden shop. It is called Roberts Greenhouse, and if you live in middle NH area, it is definitely worth visiting. It is a small-ish farm, with gorgeous sheep there to greet you. The people who work there are so very helpful (they didn’t laugh once at me as I asked them to explain to me how to pick seed potatoes). Their prices are seriously some of the best I have seen, and their plants are gorgeous! While there you can sample local foods they have for sale, and if you love handspun fiber you will be in heaven. It was a great surprise on a VERY cold (45 and drizzly) Sunday afternoon. *More about the seed potatoes in Tomorrow’s post! You won’t want to miss it!

Monday was definitely the day I had been waiting for! Beautiful, sunny, warm… with a slight breeze to keep the black flies at bay. After sleeping in we decided it was finally time to pull the cut boards out of the van and get started.

My husband is AWESOME!

My husband is AWESOME!

As he worked on assembling the raised beds, I surveyed my spot…

Destination Garden!

Destination Garden!

While I got to mowing the clover (which I left where it fell, because my Mama told me it was rich in nitrogen and good for my garden), Kevin was hard at work screwing things…

Kevin Screwing the Beds

Kevin Screwing the Beds

OH! I almost forgot! See those posts int he corner? They came in a box of 6, and were some sort of outdoor stakes, for only $4 and change! We had the wood guy cut them in half for us as well – he didn’t even look at us funny! I LOVE HOME DEPOT!

First Box Done!

First Box Done!

But I love my husband more! After all of the raised beds were finished, I played with placement, and this is what I decided on:

Bed lay out

Bed lay out

They still have to be pounded into the ground, but we were just about done for the day. I would have pushed through, but I hadn’t gotten my mulch yet to mix in with the soil. I discovered that my local dump/transfer station has a MASSIVE mulch pile the size of a house, and we can take all the mulch we want… FOR FREE! So I have to wait until the dump is open on Wednesday to go and get some. FREE! I love free!

After we finished the beds, we went to check out the chicken coop, and realized that there was a leak in the roof – GAK! – so we went around back to see just how bad of shape it was in.

Mind yourself… This is not for the faint of heart!

Roof in Desperate Need of Repair

Roof in Desperate Need of Repair

And the back side was in no better condition, so it will need to be fixed up before the chickens come home to roost (lol, get it? home to roost??? I crack me up!)

Boards needing replacement

Boards needing replacement

Our baby chicks have been procured, and are being well cared for by friends. I am blessed to have a great friend (Duffy!) who went and picked me out 5 darling chicks! And for another friend who will raise them until they are ready to be out in the coop by themselves. They should be coming home mid-summer, plenty of time to fix this mess up! But… if you should find yourself with some time on your hands and a truck we would love to have you over and send you home with a truck full of old shingles… Just sayin’…

Don’t forget to stop on back by tomorrow to read about my impending Potato Tower!!!!! Fun stuff!


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